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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

This is an old dilbert carton which I think about sometimes. I found it with a Google search for the punchline and the first result was from Google news - which is apparently the result of Google efforts to index printed technology.

What I find interesting about this is that Google is referencing syndicated content (presumably) without consent from the author. Isn't that illegal? Certainly, if I get an email from Scott Adams about the comic above, wouldn't I have to take the image down?

It seems to me that Google has spent a lot of money indexing printed content, but most of this work is probably illegal. I remember reading about this in the news a few years back. ...and am a bit surprised to find this content in my search results.

As an aside - I find myself thinking about this quote a lot. Especially when I come across a "new" time management methodology. ...like a lot of humour, the quote is funny because it is true. I would sum up my time management approach as "Focus on execution and stop screwing around." Maybe I should write a book?

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