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Monday, March 22, 2010

I am in the market for a new laptop, so have been frequently checking Dell's UK site for a deal on a precision workstation. Today when I tried to check prices, I first had to put up with this...

WTF! Retrieving my system information?! Shouldn't there be a "opt-in" prompt somewhere? What information are you collecting?

...smelling a blog post, I allowed the process to continue. It took about 2 minutes before ending with the ever lovely...

WTF! Where is my product page? Where are my prices?

Unfortunately, website issues like this are hardly uncommon at Dell. I just find it absolutely shocking. Dell is a multi-billion dollar company and the overwhelming majority of their sales are online. How can this happen? I...just don't get it.

Dell is hardly alone in the incompetence department, but... How did Dell become Dell in the face of such incompetence?

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