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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lots of news from Google today. First, a new programming language - Go. Apparently it is a mixture of Python and C++. Why is this interesting? Well, most of the work Google does internally is done in either Python or C++ so presumably this is a language that they designed to meet their own needs.

The best languages are born that way.

At a time when Java is on the decline, the introduction of a new language with the implicit backing of a huge player like Google is big. Don't get me wrong, Oracle will still be contributing to Java, but let's face it. Oracle isn't exactly an "Open source friendly" company. Heck, there is a lot of speculation that Oracle bought Sun just to shut down MySql.

Google on the other hand has a least some history with successful open source projects. Time will tell.


Just as important - if not more so - is Google's decision to start selling online storage. Cheap. $.25 per Gigabyte all the way up to 16 TB. For online, backed-up storage that's just crazy cheap. Insane.

There is currently no easy API to access this storage which makes it less useful to me personally. However, what is important is that Google is showing off a capability that most companies can't match. Online storage is about to get a whole lot cheaper.

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