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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

So I am officially done with Bing. Shame because I actually think the search results are as good as Google's (more or less) and I prefer the look and feel.

So why have I had enough? Too many irrelevant ads on Bing.



Given that I will only click on an ad if it is relevant - are all those rubbish ads really necessary?


By entering this post I don't want to support Bing in front of you at all.

But my company isboth a Google Adwords and Microsoft AdCenter (i.e. Bing) advertiser. So I though I would share my experience with you from this perspective.

The ads that both Google and Bing display (I verified on my own ads) are using the keywords defined by the advertiser for its ads, NOT the actual words in the ad.

If all the keywords from the advertiser set are used in a search the ad is displayed, otherwise not. So the accuracy depends much on the advertisers, not on Bing or Google themselves.

PS: I'm concerned that our ad doesn't appear in Bing (and appears in Google) when the order of the words is different than in our original set so I tend to consder Bing more accurate although maybe it gives us less visibility due to this fact.

Anyway, until now Google still brings us a lot more customers than Bing, (and the costs are proportional), but these are accurate, comparing the searches done by users in Google and in Bing(from what I heard lately,the latter one seems to be falling again?)

Thanks for that Sorin.

First of all – you are right. Search engines show ads based on keywords which are pre-approved by the advertisers.

My blog post was pretty poorly written and I didn’t accurately describe what the problem was. The problem is that Bing is giving advertisers too much control in what ads are displayed. There should be a quality check on ads. Perhaps if an ad is not clicked once in 1000 displays it should no longer be shown?

My search was for “vmware instance ip address” and the top add returned was for “PC Cleaner Plus”. The third ad was for “Find Ip Address here. Online savings on Office Supplies”. Those are not helpful. Worse, they are taking up 50% of the screen real-estate.

Microsoft has a right to make money on its search engine and I sincerely hope they do well and beat Google. However, right now, I think Google is more concerned about search quality both in their results and their ads.

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