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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Yesterday I was singing bings praises and today I am regretting it. Yesterday, I said the two things I liked about Bing are the lack of distractions and the graphic image. ...well, I was wrong.

Bings graphic image today is a tropical paradise.

I am at work! The last thing I want to see is a picture of a perfect tropical island!

Seriously. Show me a picture of a motherboard. ...maybe this needs to be configurable?


Hmmm, we may be different :)

For me, seeing a nice picture at work may actually increase my potential!

But I understand your point, thinking that "It would be nice to travel to that island".

However, if I (or you) just admire the picture, I think it can be a good thing.

PS: I think I can do this now, because I'm just after some short vacation :-), maybe I'll need to retract this comment a few time later!

Let me know what happens when you come back from work and decided to search for "ssh algorithm details" and see a perfect tropical island. If you don't spend the next hour looking at satellite photos of perfect south pacific islands - I'll be impressed. :-)

Ah, you got your point :-) I do lose time myself doing stuff like that, from time to time.

What I wanted to underline as a difference is that I don't have an urge to go there, which was my impression for your case.

Anyway, even if we lost 1 hour looking at those pictures, this saves time and money (against visiting it in real life), and moreover, as I said, after admiring it, one can get even more potential for the next work time, because the soul has been fed ;-)

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