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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Finally! Thanks to the scalability blog - Twitter makes sense to me!

"Twitter's main functionality is to act as a messaging bridge between different formats (SMS, web, IM, etc)."

I can dig it.

...but...how the hell do you monetize a bridge? You'd think their plan was to sell the company, but they have reportedly already passed on a number of offers. Oh well. Time will tell.


Looking at the content inside Twitter, it's more like sharing temporary URL favorites. That means, showing some news or things people found and likes in the Web, but not enough to add them to a permanent shared favorites folder.

http://bit.ly helps turning URLs to smaller addresses in order to fit in the Twitter publish textbox.

PS: Some (including myself) use twitter also to publish some status updates (personaly, rarely): so I think the original Twitter goal has not yet completely disappeared. :-)

Yeah - from that perspective, I don't get the point of twitter. I have a blog where I can post anything without worring about content restrictions - and the blog is primarilly for my own personal use (like a diary). Nobody is particularly interested in what I have to say even when I can say whatever I want. Why would they suddenly become interested when I can say less?

Unless you are some sort of celebrity, I don't see the point of twitter.

...except as a messaging medium. Technically, the ability to effeciently root millions of messages is a complex task and I think they have accomplished something here. How can they monitise it? I don't know. If I were an investor, I would be pretty pissed that they haven't already sold to MSFT or Google.

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