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Thursday, June 12, 2008

I just found a great use for my blog.

I have a long standing goal of self-improvement. I want to be 3% better in December then I was in January. 3% growth every year should eventually add up to a lot of growth. But the problem is, how do you measure personal growth?

I was just looking through some of my old blog posts, and realized I really disagree with some of the things I have said. Other things just sound stupid and childish. To be honest, my first reaction to this was to delete the post - I don't want people thinking that is still my opinion. Like the Bill Gates quote about not being interested in the internet. I am sure he doesn't think that anymore, but it still haunts him. In fact, there is a whole page of old opinions I am sure he doesn't agree with anymore.

But I realized that in reality I should be happy I disagree with my former self. It is a sign of growth. In fact, I should be concerned if I agreed with all my old opinions. My blog is a great way for me to measure my growth.

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