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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I posted this comment is response to a post by Scott Adams on Rational Evil. I thought I would repost it here as it pretty much sums up my feelings on the war.


You are all nuts. There is no war on Terror and nobody cares about Israel or Palestine. "War On Terror" is propaganda. Period. Israel is the U.S. foothold in the region in the Middle East – it is a strategic partner.

2,973 people died on Sept 11. ...and the U.S. has spent about $500 Billion in the war on terror. That is about $200 Million for every person who died. Do you feel any safer?

500 Billion is about $2000 for every American – a nice tax rebate. It is also enough money to build about 500 world trade centers. I don’t want to speculate what 500 Billion would do for schools or hospitals. No doubt the states will spend a whole lot more before the "war" is over. To suggest that the U.S. made a 500+ billion investment to end terrorism is nuts. If the U.S. was trying to save American lives, it would have spent the money are lowering saturated fats in foods and decreasing drunk driving.

There are decreasing resources in the world and the U.S. is fighting for the lion’s share of those resources. It is rationally moving to continue its existence as THE superpower by controlling the asset that is most important to nation building.

Terror and Religion is what fuels the war - not what causes it. Bush, like all world leaders, will not personally fight because he has wealth and an education. So he needs someone to do it for him - and guess what? Religion / freedom / terror are the perfect tools to make this happen. The U.S. government needs to work with ideologies you are willing to die for. Soldiers are not fighting because they are paid $200 per week. They are fighting for freedom! (Who's I don't know, but FREEDOM by god!) Israel? Sure, if you are willing to fight for it, we can throw that is as well!

Let's stay focused people! If you want to stop the war, lower the demand for scarce resources - oil. Simple. Whenever a resource is scarce, has high demand, and lacks reasonable substitutes - people will fight. If you suggest anything else you are ignorant or delusional.

If the demand for oil cannot be decreased then maybe we should accept that a war for oil is actually a good thing. In which case we should also accept that to some degree terrorism will be a by-product of such a war. The have-nots generally dislike the haves.

Want to end terrorism? This will never happen – stop dreaming. Terrorism is the only means for a severe underdog to fight back. The more uneven the match-up, the more likely the underdog is to resort to terrorism. It is like when the bully picks on the small kid at school. Eventually the small kid kicks him in the nuts and the bully cries foul.

Want to decrease terrorism? I think a good starting place is if the States stops attacking countries on false pretences and stealing their resources. In short – stop picking on the little guy. Understand that this may mean you need to catch a bus a few times a week. A bit of terrorism is the market price for oil.


My thoughts exactly. I enjoy reading your posts.

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