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Friday, May 04, 2007

Here is a really interesting post on why OS2 lost to Microsoft.

"Nobody seems to understand why there aren't - and won't be - big draw OS/2 apps
available. And people think that the "5%" penetration number contradicts
the "no OS/2 apps sold" number. Every time I'd marvel at how folks
could just look at it in the face and not understand what that means.

It means that OS/2 is selling, however well it does, as a Windows engine.
That's why some number of copies have been sold, but very few OS/2
API apps were sold along side.

So OS/2 is a windows engine,
and that engine is going to jump the tracks each time an improved
Windows ships. It will take IBM two or three years to reverse engineer
the new stuff, and by that time MS will have it's *next* release out.
You can't establish your own direction, and you can't play catch up.
It's just an untennable position. MS refused to get into that position
with AT&T, yet IBM burned all of it's other bridges *before* it crossed
them. The only way to live in that kind of a situation is to cooperate
with the company that controls the standard, not slander and belittle it.

The only thing that interested me about this was making bets with my friends
on how long it would be before Lou Gestner wised up."

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