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Friday, September 08, 2006

Jesus Camp Trailer

...just watch it. This is a big reason why I prefer to live outside the United States. (This isn't going to be a popular statement, but...) America is full of extremists.

Depends on the individual american but they either work too hard, exercise too much, pray too "intensely", eat too much, or...whatever they do, it has a "too much" in there somewhere. They really have no concept of balance.

There is a knife edge between what these kids are being taught and the activities that go on in a "terrorist" training camp. (Not that I am an expert, but clearly there is a level of brainwashing "In the name of god" going on here.)

On a related subject, you should think about signing the TellAbc petition. (If you need a US Zip code use 38133).

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