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Monday, August 14, 2006

These 911 conspiracy videos are really a must watch. If only so they get people to start being a bit skeptical. They build a very strong argument.

If the US federal government were a corporation, it would make about two trillion dollars a year. This compares to Microsoft at 40 billion a year. So, as a corporation, you could think of the government as being 50 times more powerful then Microsoft (or about 13 GE's). This makes sense because 40% of your money goes to the government, but only a very small fraction will ever go to MSFT.

Strangely, laws do not really apply to the government - because the government makes the laws. Additionally, public "watchfulness" has deteriorated to the state where the government no longer answers to anyone.

Under these circumstances, I think it is entirely possible for a government to become monstrously corrupt. ...and a few thousand deaths does not matter when you are talking about the strategy for a multi-trillion dollar corporation. People need to take the power back - and this can only be done by paying attention.

So I wouldn't say that I agree with the theories presented in the video - but I certainly wouldn't disagree either. I think the truth lies somewhere in between.

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