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Monday, July 31, 2006

This is absolutely shocking. Google CEO on clickfraud: "Let it happen".

Don't be evil my ass!

Those of you who don't know what click fraud is imagine:

A virus is created. The purpose of this virus is to browse to various websites without the user knowing about it. This virus periodically "checks in" to see what websites it should be going to.

You have a website with some google adwords on it. You pay the virus writer $1,000 to give you traffic. The next day you get a million hits - all of whom click on adwords! Google cuts you a check for $10,000. Google recieves a check from the advertiser for $100,000 - even though the advertiser has not had a single person view thier site.

Sounds like Google should go into the virus writing business doesn't it? ...except for the fact that they are suppose to be above all of that. ...but when the CEO says "Let it happen"...you know they are all too happy to fatten their wallets.

When google gets some competition - which will ultimately lead to the end of click fraud - they are going to have some serious trouble making their estimates.

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