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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

"In my many years in the software business, one concept I have found to be pervasive is that of technology debt. Technology debt is basically when you 'borrow' time to avoid having to pay it now - but likely having to pay it later, generally with interest."

Dharmesh Shah has a great blog called OnStartups. Yeah, it is another "startup" blog, but this one is actually full of helpful advice. ...as opposed to most "startup" blogs which are full arrogant VC's who had a big success 10 years ago and now think they are geniuses...yet never manage to say anything useful that isn't 100% related to the "VC world."

Anyway, todays OnStartups post is excellent. Technology debt is a fantastic reason why you should never hire a consultancy / never develop software "as fast as you can".

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