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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I think it is fair to say that public opinion is turning against Google.

btw: I tried using various other search engines over the last few weeks. Conclusion? Search still sucks and Google still sucks least. Here is what I found:

Amazon (A9) - basically same as google with more page clutter and less adds. I used the site solidly for about a month - and guess what? Amazon did not give me the promised 1.57% off. I looked around on their site - I can't seem to find any hard criteria on what you need to do to earn the discount.

MetaCrawler - this was the site I use to use before I switched to Google. In theory, this should be the best search site since it just combines results from other search engines. ...a kind of "Wisdom of the Crowds" for search. This theory held up pretty well for my first few searches. The site worked great - much better then Google. But then...it just kinda started sucking. My guess is that they have no business model since they cannot display ads on other people's content - so they probably sell ad-placement in their search results.

Microsoft - Ha aha hahaha! I did try it - god it sucks. I have even tried search.live.com (LOVE the page design). This search works ok and is certainly an improvement (again), but I hate the damn scroll bar. Without a paging system, it is such a pain to get back and forth between page results. I know AJAX is all the rage, but you would think Microsoft would have a bit more sense. ...maybe they are just trying to show how "Innovative" that are?

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