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Monday, November 14, 2005

Cool. Phil Wright of Crownwood Software (DotNetMagic) has just released the Krypton Toolkit through his new company - Component Factory. I have mentioned Phil's new company a few times before. His blog is one of the best on the web if you are thinking of starting a company - outsourcing - or generally interested in development.

I have not worked with his new product yet, but I know from DotNetMagic that this guy really knows his stuff. If you are trying to create a professional .Net UI then you need this stuff. If you are using .Net 1.0 you should get DotNetMagic (I have personally used and can recommend). If you are using .Net 2.0, you should check out Krypton Toolkit (haven't used, but based on DotNetMagic would recommend). Krypton Toolkit is free for now, so I would really recommend getting it while you can.

Anyway, this shit is good...and you would be a fool to try and develop it yourself. Besides that, supporting a Micro ISV should just give you a warm fuzzy.

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