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Thursday, July 28, 2005

More on Windows Vista: "User experiences in Windows Vista have been radically enhanced over prior versions of Windows operating systems. By using the technologies available in Windows Vista, developers and designers will create visually appealing applications to improve usability. Windows Vista's new visuals and display technologies, such as Windows Presentation Foundation and XAML, make it simpler to create breakthrough user interfaces with less effort than ever before."

This reminds me. I wanted to comment on Konfabulator. I was looking into it the other day and I think it is super cool stuff. The way it work is you design an application in PhotoShop (or something) and break the images down into component parts. The parts are then put together using a (very logical) structure of XML and Java script. The end result is applications that look fantastic, are not OS dependent, and provide some neat (though basic) functionality. This is really cool stuff and I could see where Yahoo would buy them based on the strength of the architecture alone. It is really beautiful. Very simple. Like the web.

I don't know about the new GUI features in Vista, but I will say this: If my goal is to create a good looking GUI, I could do it faster using Konfabulator then I could with .Net.

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