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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Macworld: News: Apple making big inroads in business with OS X: "Apple Computer's UNIX-based Mac OS X operating system is making inroads in the business community, according to a report by market research firm Jupiter Research. The report tracks desktop and server operating systems in medium to large sized business.

The report found that 17 percent of businesses with 250 employees or more were running Mac OS X on their desktop computers. Twenty-one percent of businesses that had 10,000 or more employees used Mac OS X on their desktop."

This article touches on something I have been thinking about for awhile now. MSFT has been the market leader in the OS world for awhile now - but what do we need an OS for? Documents, email, and the internet. All things that were made easy in Windows 3.1. Since then (1995-ish) Microsoft really hasn't done anything innovative - or, at least they haven't done anything innovative that hasn't been picked up by competitors so fast that it didn't matter. Because they have failed to push the envelope, competitors have really caught up.

Meanwhile open source OS's have become a major force. Especially in the business world. ...and if you are a techie, you have to love the Unix based OS's. It is just so much easier to develop against / so much more stable. But open source is a long way from breaking into the comsumer market. XWindows sucks. Unix based operating systems take a while to learn - and are a long way from being appropriate for the mainstream consumer market. ...but there is no doubt a lot of power in building a Windowing system on top of Unix.

[And I don't have time to get into the power of open source in third world countries - where shit loads of IT work is going in the future.]

Mac has always been the easiest OS to use. Microsoft has always sucked by comparison. If you could to add to the Mac more power for running applications and a better environment for software developers, you have something very powerful. ...and with OS X it looks like this is how Apple is thinking.

Microsoft has a big install base, but so did Apple. I see no reason why the tide can't turn again.

The only thing is - I love .Net! It is such a lovely environment to work in and I can knock out code 2x faster then when I work in Java. And I don't know anything about the Mac! ...I guess now is a good time to learn.

...of couse, just to keep things interesting MSFT has Vista coming out soon. Hopefully Microsoft has the forethought and ability to blow the competition away.

All of this is a long way of saying that I have no idea what the market leading OS will be in 10 years. I suppose the smart money is on the current leader. It is Microsoft's game to lose.

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