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Monday, July 04, 2005

I went off on a bit of a rant today on some poor innocent company. Basically, I am looking for a company whose product does "X" and I think this company may do "X". Unfortunately, their website is full of phrases like, "Increases Productivity", "Automatically", "Best Practices", and "Comprehensive". What the hell does all this mean?! It does nothing to tell me what the code actually does?!

That is when it occurred to me that this type of language is perfect for "business" people. For some people "Increases Productivity" is a sufficient description of a product. Others need class interaction diagrams, workflows, and UML. ...think about it. There are two completely different languages for describing the same product! Crazy.

Here's the rub: Based on the information given, the second group can figure out for themselves whether the product can "Increase Productivity". The first group needs to commission a study to figure it out for them. So why does the first group rule the world?

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