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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Brad Feld has a world class blog.

I really admire those people who can find the time to consistently write good (valuable) posts on a daily basis. ...well, I suppose nobody does it on a daily basis...

I read about a hundred blogs and have a pretty good feel for which ones are most valuable to me based on the amount of time I spend reading them. So here is a list of some "world class" blogs (the list is necessarily short).

Quotes of the Day - I know it is a bit silly, but, few blogs make me think as much in such a sort period of time.
Better Living Through Software
John Battelle - if only all blogs could be this good. Lots of information. Consistent. Relevant.
Adam Bosworth - He doesn't post very often, but when he does, you want to read it. Probably a lesson more bloggers (myself included) could stand to learn.
Feld Thoughts - The best of the "entrepreneurship" blogs.
Bnoopy - Again, he doesn't post very often, but when he does...well, I usually add a link on my blog.
Baus.net - For me, he has been a bit hit and miss lately (see John Battelle - Consistent, Relevant). But I still think his blog belongs on the list be cause he is trying to do something very difficult - blog without a topic - and he is doing it very well. I think experts who blog on a particular topic have an inherent advantage over those who blog "generally".

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