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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Google Desktop

Am I the only one who thinks google desktop search is a bit shit? From what I can tell it:

1) Has no new functionality - only improved functionality.
2) Exposes me to ads where I was not exposed before.
3) Takes up screen real-estate for a piece of functionality that is rarely used.
4) Searches my whole computer when I only want to search a subset.
5) Requires an internet connection (I work on a laptop - often disconnected).
6) Is potentially giving Google more access to my hard drive then I would give the government.
7) Does not index USB drives or CDs. For me, these are the primary areas where data exists - but I have forgotten what that data is, how it is organized, and where the most recent version of files exists. In short, this is the area where I really need search.

On the positive side, a desktop search can occur REALLY fast. ...but I am pretty organized and generally know were things are - at least down to a subfolder. Who finds this thing helpful? ...maybe for searching through emails.

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