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Thursday, January 20, 2005

John Battelle's views on the new Picasa release are worth a read. The key point: No business model. ??? I really don't get this. How can you have a business where you present an idea and say, "Cool isn't it! Money? I don't know."

This is how an entrepreneur starts a business. They have a cool idea, implement it, and then try to sell it. Certainly, this is how Google started. The problem is that the overwhelming number of entrepreneur's fail. Having enough money in the bank such that you can invest in any old crap does not mean that you should invest an any old crap.

Don't get me wrong. I believe in common sense and fast action in business probably more then most. Especially when beginning a project, the ability to "just do it" is absolutely invaluable. ...but by the time the project grows to an 8 figure investment - maybe it would be good to think about how you are going to profit from it. Google fails to do this again and again. Groups / news / keyhole / blogger - at some point, all of these need to make money.

(8 figures is a guess. Google paid 4.7M for Picasa. I assume they have invested a few more million.)

It is also worth noting that MSN and Yahoo are gaining ground. ...and what ever happened to AOL?

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