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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Despite blogging for the better part of a year now, I am still figuring this whole thing out. The problem is that I want to write a blog that adds value to readers in a minimum amount of time. (I have other things to do to).

My initial approach was to pull links from the web, but I no longer like this approach. It is fine to post things and offer a little comment, but if you don't have a paragraph or two to offer on the subject, then it is probably not worth reposting. Information overload is a real problem. One that I don't want to contribute to.

I briefly tried posting longer "articles" - see the biology series. This didn't work too well either because it takes too long to write the articles. A blog should be something spontaneous, quick thoughts. Once an posting becomes too large, it loses some of the pleasure of blogging. I tried breaking the post up, but...well, I just don't feel like posting the third and final part (summary: life, wow.) It feels too much like work. Too much like something I HAVE to do - as oppose to something that is fun.

I am also becoming much more conscious of what I like and don't like in a blog. I cancelled my subscription to scobble for example. Why? Too much information. The man posts too much junk. Sure, every now and then he says something really valuable...but too few and far between. Besides, when he does say something valuable, someone else inevitably reposts it.

I also don't like blogs that are updated too often. This is different from blogs that are posted to too often. When a blog post is updated, it causes my reader (SharpReader) to "add a new link". Some might think this is a problem with sharp reader (it should certainly be configurable), but I can't help that. As a result, I get pissed at the people who are making constant changes. I don't care if you blog has a spelling error. Leave it! Nothing is worse then reading the same post twice only to find out that nothing has changed.

So, I am thinking about how to make this blog better in the new year. I think what is needed is set time each day where I can posts valuable information. I also think I should post more technical information. ...I am, after all, a techie.


I have to admit I post a lot of revisionist history (fixing spelling, grammar, adding disclaimers, etc.) I always see something I could say better. Maybe it is my blog you are talking about?


Funny. It was your post about blogging thoughts that inspired this post. I think you have one of the best blogs on the net - very underrated.

I appreciate the desire to improve things. Improvement is good. ...just don't change a word or two and expect me to find it. If you are going to make a change, fine. But at least consider whether your change should be made in the original post or made as an additional post - keeping in mind that some readers don't re-read posts.

I find reading an additional post with one new sentence makes much better use of my time then trying to find what has changed.

FYI - this comment was based on http://www.gapingvoid.com/. I really like Hugh's blog, but during the week I was subscribed, he made 10 minor changes for every new post. Really annoying.

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