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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

I didn't know this. Evidently, "letting it out" is bad. I am actually quite glad to hear that because I prefer to deal with emotions internally and logically. Especially anger. Can you imagine an office where every time someone got angry they hit something? Pass.

The conclusion says it all:

"Our findings suggest that media messages advocating catharsis may be worse than useless. They encourage people to vent their anger through aggressive action, and perhaps they even foster the displacement of aggression toward new, innocent third parties. In our research, people who received procatharsis messages first chose to vent their anger by hitting a punching bag, but then they went on to show elevated aggression toward the person at whom they were angry. They even showed increased aggression toward an innocent third person. Pop writers may think they are offering helpful, sage advice on affect regulation, but the effect of advocating catharsis may be to cause a general increase in aggressive behavior. Perhaps media endorsement of cathartic release should come to be regarded as a potential danger to public health, peace, and social harmony. "

In other news. Truth in humor.

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