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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Been awhile, I know.

I have actually been coding the last few days. I am working on generating CSharp and Java classes from an xml file (where a node equals a class - similar to breeze. I am considering putting it on the net when I am done. The problem is that the program has too many quirks that only the developer would know. I could put the time in to do it better (and I may yet), but I am working on another problem as well. I am also coding an HTML parser. I want to be able to parse web pages and convert the HTML into a simplified form...probably some kind of XML. From there, I want to find the "important" parts and monitor them. www.octopus.com use to have a HTML parser that did this - I think it is an extremely powerful component and have really enjoyed the time I have spent coding it. ...that is actually why I have suddenly been so bad about writing.

In other news. My girlfriend and I booked our flights in Australia. I think I could use a vacation.

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