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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Looked at go2net today to get a better idea who is providing the best (in terms of quality results) search service. To me, there was no question that Google is best, but I wanted to see how much better it is then the competition...and, basically, there is no competition. There seems to be a fairly big divide between Google and number 2 (probably Yahoo).

Found this article which discusses some of the issues going on in search. Some points I agree with:
1) Search doesn't currently work very well.
2) The internet is providing an "operating system" on top of Windows. Microsoft really needs to do some impressive stuff here if they want to keep growing profits.

I particularly like the last quote in the article...

"Our customers tell us that no one is doing a very good job with search right now," said Lisa Gurry, MSN's director. "Our own internal data indicates 50 percent of search questions go unanswered, so we think there are some great opportunities ahead."

...so, basically, because MSN's search doesn't work, they assume nobody else's engine works. ???

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