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Wednesday, March 10, 2004

...still tired. Last night I was completely anti-social. As a consultant, there is an unwritten law that you will go out with the team on a regular basis for drinks when you are out of town - but I just couldn't be asked. When you have a four hour commute before a full day in the office, all you think about in the evening is sleep. All you can think about in the day is sleep. None the less, some poor sap paid $2000 for my work yesterday.

Exhausted. Been busy all day, but still wanted to write something.

Why do people hire consultants anyway? Why are they incapable of doing the work themselves?

A theory: A day or two ago a friend told me about a speech his CEO gave. In it, he said that A people hire A people. B people hire C people, and C people hire D people. The first implication here is that only the best hire the best. The reasoning he gave is that the best are not afraid of being proven wrong. ...being shown-up. The second implication is that companies degrade. They become increasingly more incompetent over time unless they are among the absolute best.

Anyway, the bottom line is that not all companies can hire A people. There are only so many A people available. ...and mediocre companies are completely unable to accomplish new growth. They grow increasingly worse. So they acquire. They count money. They hire consultants.

The majority of the work of the world is done by a small handful - and the reward for this work is not necessarily equally distributed.

...I have no idea if my rambling makes any sense.

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